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Some news, and an offer for the Weekend! visit us in London and visit us in Steam!

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An Update!

Good day fellow keepers! Long time no see, since the last update we made numerous updates to the game, over 2,000 builds were made behind the scenes, we have uploaded over 250 updates since launch on Steam back in August.

Lack of updates not counting the occasional image upload here is due to having a big community in Steam to manage and talk to daily. Today I want to talk to you about some of the most recent changes and something that is happening this weekend!

For a while now you could put back some of your stock for later in a personal chest, this let lots of players to organise their inventory and stock, maybe sometimes you get items that customers do not want? So not to lug that around, here is a personal Chest!

Shoppe Keep: Personal Chest

For those who like bragging rights this here wall will give just that. Whenever you customise your shopkeeper and unlock new brooms, hammers, weapons, spells and so forth!

Shoppe Keep: tools

The customer received lots new items, and their visuals were rehashed and upgraded! Here is a bunch of them, ready to kick ass on adventures!

Shoppe Keep: Customers

A feature that was in the works for a while, every now and then the world does change seasons and with that comes new opportunities to sell some unique seasonal items to customers! Some of them include a Coconut drink in summer and a frost resist potion in winter.

Shoppe Keep: Seasons

We even celebrated the independence of Lithuania on Feb. 16th! Regards to any and all Lithuanian fans we got there, remember...this game was born in a Lithuanians mind anyway! Laikomes hebryte!

Shoppe Keep: Lithuania

I could go on and on on the changes and additions, but this post would seem endless at some point. So let's end on news bout this upcoming weekend in which the creators of Shoppe Keep will be present in Londons PC Gamer Weekender! And to any of our fans we offer this, a unique weapon against barbarians and thieves for those who visit us and talk to us! Introducing the Lanzador. It will rapidly shoot any spell you have currently equipped!

Shoppe Keep: Lanzador

As always stay tuned and visit us on Steam!

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