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Update 7 for Patron brings modding support and Steam Workshop integration!

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Patron MustBeSundayMorning

Hello everyone,

Yes. We know it's Saturday, but why wait? We've got the integration with Steam workshop up and running and there's no reason to delay it further.

Modding support v1.0

As the image says, this update brings Modding support v1.0. That means we're not done with it completely. It will take time to cram all we want regarding modding into the game, but this is a great start. A whole lot can be modified already, but we'll keep on working on the toolset and the documentation.

You'll notice that the Mods button on the game launcher now works. Also, the Workshop tab is now accessible in the Steam community. Those two combined means you can subscribe to a mod on the Workshop, download it via Steam client and activate it through the game launcher. Easy :).

Patron TownshipGrowingSteadilyPatron FoggyMorning

We've written a short Steam guide on the process to give a bit of an assistance which can be found in the Guides section.

And we went ahead and created 3 mods for you right away. Had to test it all somehow, no ;)? Some new banners, a transparent UI and an always sunny weather edition.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Once you save your game with a mod, the save will no longer work without that mod!

Patron DiverseCropsInAction

The above is for mod users, but what about mod creators? We've got you covered, partially at least. The Patron Wiki on Fandom will be the home for a growing number of articles and tutorials on modding Patron. We've done several starter tutorials and more will be added of course. Feel free to let us know which topics interest you the most so we can prioritize more easily.

Clearly the focus of this update is modding support, but that's not exactly all we've done. The changelog is short this time around, but it should still help:

  • Added Hungarian language into the game
  • Done a number of improvements and fixes in the Italian localization
  • Working efficiency stat removed from the citizen info panel
  • Done a number of smaller changes aimed at increasing game stability
  • Added MaterialEditor.exe into the game installation folder (for creators)
  • Added ModManager.exe into the game installation folder (for creators)
  • Added the official Always Sunny mod to the Steam Workshop and here into Addons. No more rain, snow, hail... only sunny all year long
  • Added the official Dark Transparent UI mod to the Steam Workshop and here into Addons.
  • Added the official National flags mod to the Steam Workshop and here into Addons.
  • Upgrading Houses via the Buildings panel no longer switches them to the same model

Patron FieldsOfGold

The next bigger thing on the to-do list is Auto-trading via Docks/Harbor and we'll do our best to implement as many of the requested things and various fixes as we can.

Until next time,
Overseer Games

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