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Patch/Updates notes for UnderEarth. These mostly cover the Oculus enabled version of the game. There were some issues with the text appearing correctly and some camera shaking.

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Update 11/16/2016

This first patch contains numerous bug fixes and VR tweaks. On the VR side, specifically, the performance of the game is more stable. The text has been made more legible and some of the inadvertent camera shake has been decreased.

The text's font and color were victims of the Oculus' widescreen resolution, and caused the text to sometimes be difficult to make out, particularly for scanning objects. For those that have tried the game with Oculus enabled, we are sorry we overlooked this.

This is the first of a wave of updates planned for this year. We've gotten a great amount of feedback from players, and while not altering the game design itself, we do wish to improve user-experience. If anyone has any feedback, you can submit it here on the Steam store page or contact us directly though info@crackerjackgamesllc.com


Joseph & Joseph & the CrackerJack team

POSTSCRIPT: This is the same article from the Steam store page but I wanted to post it here as well because we love indiedb.com. This was the first place we posted screens and info about our game and we wouldn't have made it through without the support from this community. Thank you.
CJGames + indiedb =

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