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Patch for episode 4 of the AMC Squad containing a bunch of fixes just got released.

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Episode 4 released about a month ago now and we hope everyone has been having a good time. We've had several bug reports and requests come in, a bunch of which have been fixed in the latest v4.1.0 patch! Grab it here. To install it, the contents of the zip file must be extracted over your existing episode 4 directory. So be sure to grab the full download here first if you haven't already!
As always, if there are questions or comments they can be shared here on moddb or over on our Discord server.

As for what's next for the AMC Squad, it is our estimation that the current patch addresses the highest priority problems that players have reported, as well as a host of other issues, and unless we get reports of new major blocking issues, this will be the last update for a while. We're eager to get some rest as well as start work on Episode 5. Hopefully, the next update will be about that.

Till next time.

Edward_Newgate - - 97 comments

tl;dr: This incredible mod keeps me coming back. Eagerly waiting for Chapter 5. \o/

Hi! I've discovered the AMC Squad a few weeks ago and I'm having immense fun. I didn't expect such goodness.

Insane amount of polish, great level design, decent voice acting, tons of secrets that reward exploration and some Base Management à la X-COM but more enjoyable.

A few remarks:

- a handful of levels are extremely convoluted but since they are optional I won't complain much. I'm talking about "Zeta" base and "Jungle Base" (both in Chapter 2),

- The "Gaza Pyramids" in Chapter 3 almost made me abandon the game. These maps are too mazey, too many keys/items to fetch and several Hubs to boot. The real problem is that Gaza Pyramids are a mandatory mission. I suggest making this mission optional or tweaking the level design to make it much less painful.

For the record I'm a gamer who enjoys exploration tremendously. However the Pyramids exhausted my ample patience. I sincerely hope you'll consider this constructive feedback for the next update,

- it took me Chapter 3 to finally understand how to change my "Weapon Loadout", it's a blue screen located left of the guy with sunglasses in the Armory Room. This blue screen is built into the wall so it doesn't stand out. Could you make it more obvious like making it glow with flashes or making it stick out of the wall for the sake of clarity?

Edit: the PDA shows in fact the amount of modules you currently have. It's in the "Stat" section of the PDA, sorry for the confusion.

That is all. Have a Good Day/Good Night.

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