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Past Fate early alpha trailer that shows the gameplay of the necromancer class.

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Today we released the trailer showing the gameplay of the Necromancer class. Necromancer uses death magic to corrupt the living and raises undead servants to fight for the Necromancer.

You can check out the newest trailer down below. At the end you can see small bits of our first dungeon that will be playable soon; Blackfang Keep


Wielder of powerful and forbidden death magic. The Necromancer can corrupt the very land below its enemies and summon an army of the dead. Necromancer can choose from 3 specializations; Reaper, Unholy and Siphoner where each specialization will improve and tweak how the Necromancer works.

Reaper focuses on corruption and diseases. Corrupting and twisting the land

Unholy focuses on raising the dead back to life to fight for the necromancer. These mindless abominations will fight or give their life to aid their master.

Siphoner focuses on weakening enemies and draining the very life out of them while making the Necromancer even more stronger.

Blackfang Keep

Blackfang Keep will feature 5 bosses that each will have really unique set of abilities. The dungeon will also feature puzzles, secrets and powerful loot for the levels 10-15.

As you do quests in the Kingdom of Edaria, you will start to learn the backstory of the cold forgotten keep and its horrors.

Backstory of Blackfang Keep

The Cult of Voxyx has resurrected Count Feros Blackfang from his eternal slumber, and he now seeks revenge against the villagers of Noston and Courlun for slaying him centuries ago. If he isn't stopped, the entire Kingdom of Edaria will face his wrath.

- 5-man dungeon designed for levels 10-15

- 5 "main" bosses & some secret ones

- Treasures & secrets to be found

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