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Partial Quest is a turn-based, dungeon-crawler, RPG streamlined for the impulse, "pickup and drop" playspace of mobile. It features streamlined, minimal input and player directed enemy engagements. I had a request to see the game in action so I've made a video of its pre-alpha state. There isn't a lot of "game" going on yet, but I've developed most of the basics for the framework from the main menu to completing or failing the quest (dying). You can level up, battle skeletons and collect loot.

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Partial Quest

Current Development Logs:

Devlog 1 - Intro & Level Editor
Devlog 2 - Minimap & Character Stats
Devlog 3 - Pre Alpha Gameplay Video
Devlog 4 - Taking Stock
Devlog 5 - Papercraft Remake
Devlog 6 - Artist Introduction

Devlog 3 - Pre Alpha Gameplay Video:

I had a request to show some gameplay footage so here it is. Sorry it took so long. With being back at work, I don't work on this as much as during my holiday break.

Anyway, I play through 6 minutes of a dungeon and explain the systems. This is still pre-alpha. Many of the core systems are in place but there is still much to come. I'd like to complete containers (breakables and chests) this weekend. I would like to add the overworld next so that the enemies can start dropping weapons and gear for you to collect and sell back in town. With the overworld, will come the progression through dungeons, the over-arching quest, and the usefulness of teleporting scrolls (more on that in the future).

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masamuneto - - 88 comments

So great to have a dungeon crawler on Android. I see on the description the game wil release on iOS too. That is so good.
If you need o tester with a Nexus 7 (2013), feel free to pm me ;).

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GrindCrushLLC Author
GrindCrushLLC - - 81 comments

Will do, thanks!

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agentfx - - 3 comments

looking good!

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