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After a long period of hard work, Parachronism: Order of Chaos is now available for purchase on Steam, meaning it's been Released! Find out more about it and enjoy the game yourself!

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A new day is here!

Yes, that's right, there's a big news for everyone! Parachronism: Order of Chaos is now Released on Steam.

Release poster

The CURRENT release of Parachronism includes a great deal of features including Farming, Cooking, Mining, Combats, and Social systems.

Farming Poster

There are lots of things in the terms "FARMING". You can buy soils, plant crops, collect animal products and more! And more and more updates are coming for this feature.

Cooking Poster

As you may have seen in the trailers, you can cook your own food! But well, you'll need to research the recipe first! But when you've known all the recipes you need, you can make the food whenever you want.

Alchemy Poster

Alchemy, yes, collect herbs or just simply buy them and brew your potions. It could end up way cheaper than buying the end product. But if you've got lots of money then just buy the potion you need, the alchemist has got it all!

Fashion Poster

Buy clothing material or custom made costumes! You can change your costume and accessories. Plus, more costume and accessories are coming!

Social Poster

Socialize with the locals and build a good relationship with them. But well, not all people are nice...

Mining Poster

Go to the cave and mine for valuable stones. Because, well... they look good and has high sell prices!

Combat Poster

Combats! Of course, it wouldn't really be an RPG game without combats. Be it just to train yourself or to finish tasks, you can find monsters all around you. Defeat enemies to level up and collect loot. Some of them may give really valuable items.

Buy Parachronism on Steam now for $9.99 and enjoy being in the world of Parachronism yourself! (And tell us what you think!)

Lastly, have a bright day everyone!


the controls are awful, the graphics are a bit dull and needs optimization regarding fps, but has a good story
for while, needs improvement to worth 10 dollars.

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