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Parachronism: Order of Chaos is the first game developed by Ninja Vault, a new indie development team. It is a 3D action RPG for the PC with life simulation and social simulation aspects.

By combining these gameplay elements, we hope to bring you a new type of RPG.


Parachronism is set in a fantasy world inspired by East Asia and Medieval culture elements.

Once, the world was split into three kingdoms: one for the Earth, one for the Sky, and one for the Sea. But while the Earth Kingdom of Myriade and the Sky Kingdom of Cranshade remain intact, the Sea Kingdom split into two.

Many conflicts have arisen between the Western Sea Kingdom of Chrolstice and the Eastern Sea Kingdom of Cyanride.


A new war has begun between the two Sea Kingdoms, and that is where our story begins...

Parachronism History Scroll Chapter 1


The main character is a young woman living in the modern era. One day, she wakes up to find herself transported back in time, into a strange world filled with magic and secrets.

But although she is a stranger there, everyone recognizes her as the Chrolstice Kingom's princess, Athena. Feigning amnesia, she accepts this new identity and prepares to find a way back home.

Unfortunately, time travel is the least of her problems.

The Chrolstice Kingdom has fallen and the King of Cyanride is hunting for the survivors. Worse still, a terrible threat has arisen, and Athena might be the only person who can save the world from chaos.


While Parachronism: Order of Chaos is a single-player action RPG, it has a gameplay style similar to that found in MMORPGs.


Fast-paced action combat put you up against a wide variety of enemies. Use special skills to defeat your foes and level up.


Build relationships with the characters you meet by paying attention to their likes and dislikes. Increase your relationships enough to make them valuable allies.

Time Management

You'll need to manage your time wisely in Parachronism. Many important events must be completed within a designated period of time. If you don't complete your quest before the deadline, it's a GAME OVER.


Crafting in Parachronism is divided into three types: Cooking, Brewing, Forging. You can gather food supplies and cook whatever you want or find herbs to brew potions (or poison). But if you're not into these you can also gather materials to create equipment in the nearest blacksmith.


Complete main story quests to advance in the story of Parachronism and complete side quests to build relationships with other people.

Parachronism also includes:

Hunger and Stamina Meter
Day/Night Cycle
Fast Travel
---More to be announced!


Adventure, Action, Wuxia, Romance, Simulation

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A few hours ago we just posted an update on our village, Raylea Village along with other new feature enhancements. And here we are again announcing that Parachronism is participating in Steam seasonal sale, Autumn Sale!

Autumn Sale Cover

Parachronism: Order of Chaos is now 35% OFF on Steam. Grab it now before the sale ends!

Even during the sale period, Parachronism will still be updated with new features and enhancements. Don't miss the opportunity!


* Game Control Enhancements

* UI (User Interface)

* Overall Performance

Parachronism Update: Newly Designed Village!

Parachronism Update: Newly Designed Village!


Over the past two months, Raylea Village has gone through a big renovation. And now, we present you with a whole new freshly-designed Raylea Village.

Parachronism is Released on Steam!

Parachronism is Released on Steam!

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After a long period of hard work, Parachronism: Order of Chaos is now available for purchase on Steam, meaning it's been Released! Find out more about...

Parachronism Official Gameplay Trailer #1

Parachronism Official Gameplay Trailer #1


Now that we're only a few days to Parachronism release date, we've made a gameplay trailer for all of you, and it is live on all of our sites!

Parachronism is Coming Soon on Steam!

Parachronism is Coming Soon on Steam!


We have a big announcement to make: Parachronism: Order of Chaos is now Coming Soon on Steam!


I just tried the game, looks cool. It has nice features such as farming, mining and many more. But the gameplay felt kinda clunky. I can't find the options menu to change graphics or the key bindings.

I was irritated by the camera control as well as moving the characters. The keys for walking wasn't the typical WASD but it uses the arrow keys as well as using the R-button of the mouse to change the camera angle.

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Javiera_Stephanie Creator


Thank you for your feedback. We've just fixed the control problems to make it more convenient and we also provide control guide now. You can see more about this update on our steam store news!

Javiera Stephanie M.

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This game looks good. I'll be waiting for it ^ ^

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China style?Maybe Chinese will like it.They are tired of Chinese Paladins and Tale of Wuxia

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hope it has third person option

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Javiera_Stephanie Creator

It is a third-person game

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This seems like an interesting game. What I took from the description is it seems to have a Telltale games choice aspect with just a touch of the Sims. I look forward to seeing some in game photos.

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A me non funziona

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Javiera_Stephanie Creator

Why is that?

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