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Large page updating, removing most old and confusing stuff, and now with not-so early gameplay video.

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Sorry for not updating a while, the development are quite slow with all student and experimenting stuff.

I have focused on developing gameplay, so I don't have things to show off too, but now some gameplay element are done, with some GUI changes, and I guess it's ready to show the progress and how game will be played.

I want to mention that, I'll focus on arena/mission mode for now, as resources are not sufficient.

I currently bug hunting, once done I'll continue some gameplay elements, before moving to implementing network.

I'm not sure when the game is ready for alpha/beta phase though.

Help needed,

  • Any feedback in both gameplay and recorded video would be great.
  • Arena Mode, I'm currently design how arena mode, maybe wave based or survival? if you have an idea, feel free to contribute.
  • Resources contribution. Due to being first project, I want to keep it free or very cheap, using free resources, so while I can find some in free site, but you can help contribution some of yours too.
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