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Post news RSS Our first ever DEMO is now LIVE!

We've officially released our demo on Steam and itch.io - you can download them right now!

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We did it! After all the blood, sweat and tears we have finally finished our first ever FULL DEMO of When The River Runs Dry!
We started coding this demo in earnest back in July this year, and now it's finally live for all of you wonderful people to play. The demo includes all of the story that those of y'all who came to our events got to experience, and also some never-before-seen additional content.
You'll get to follow Luna along as she begins her journey up the mountain, and meet creatures both kind and perilous on the journey. There's also a fun new combat sequence, and a mini game for you guys to try!

Crunch Time
We spent the last few months hardcore crunching to get this game put together. That meant generating tons of graphic assets and animations for new characters and scenes, coding up an absolute storm, and writing new music for all the new scenes! Plus, of course, all the usual marketing activities and other stuff that we get up to every week.
When The River Runs Dry is by far the biggest game we've ever made, and that means that the coding and art development of this is is no joke. We've really pushed ourselves to write code better, faster, and frankly -- less like a house of cards that might come tumbling down. And the amount of arts assets, y'all! We've really been pushing to get all of the fun characters that have only existed in our heads out on the screen for all of you to meet.

Luna meets an interesting new creature up the mountain.

Luna meets an interesting new creature further up the mountain.

Luna gets some help from a new friend.

Luna gets some help from a new friend.

Luna plays a fun new mini game!

Luna plays a fun new mini game!

If any of this sounds interesting to you, make sure to wishlist When The River Runs Dry and follow Zwinzler Games on Twitter for all the latest updates!

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