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Hello ! This is my first trailer of Once. Look, enjoy, leave feedback.

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Hello all!
I am a great fan of old school Turn Based Strategy games, and I'm developing one.
It will combine everything I loved about those games with some new additions and improvements.
The game will have two modes.
There is a strategic campaign mode where the map is divided into many provinces or kingdoms and you rule one.
Rule, checkup, research new techs and upgrades, complete quests and go to war.
There is also a tactical battlefield mode where the whole map is the battlefield itself, where you are a general deploying your troops and leading them to victory!
Like all great TBS games, this game will flow at a measured pace where you can calmly plot your next moves without time pressure and strain. There will also be a hotseat mode, but it will be co-op where humans with together to defeat the AI.

Style: medieval fantasy with 2D pixel graphics adapted from different RPGmaker RTPs, to release for Windows.
- Multiple kingdoms/nations with differences in playstyle, abilities, leaders.
- Heroes with different skills, which have different influence on controlled squads.
- Squads level up and learn new abilities. They cannot be completely destroyed, so they can be deployed in more risky maneuvers in battle.
- Armies have different active and passive skills, battle maneuvers, and unique skills triggered by their combat experience.
- Dynamic terrain and weather systems will influence battle tactics and results.
- Different goals, ways to win and game styles for different nations.
- Events.
- Unique techs and upgrades for each nation.
- AI factions, cults, and tribes will also develop and may mature into fully independent nations that try to conquer and pillage.

That's all for now. I develop this game in my free time, which is hard to come by, but I will work on it as much as possible.
Watch the video and leave comments. I read them all, and value all your input and feedback, as well as ideas for more features to include.
Here is first video:

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