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Talking about what's been happening in the development of the game.

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Hello Everybody,

Today I wanted to talk about what's been happening in the development of the game and what have we been doing.

The last couple of weeks have been rough, level design has been hard for us and is delaying the development. We wanted to have level design done by this week but since this is a new experience for all of us it has been hard to implement a good puzzle that fits good in our environment.

We've also been doing animation tests! We are using Anima 2D, recommended by a Professor, which has also been a wild ride. Animating the limbs was actually pretty fun, but we are ran into some trouble trying to animate the clothes and hair. We wanted to use mesh/form deformation but it looks weird when using bones and IK's in the shirt because we have outlines.

In the near future we are aiming to provide our followers with an alpha version so you can play and give us feedback!

Thank for watching.

More to come, Keep an eye out!

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