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A dark themed 2D Puzzle Game, with a hand-drawn style that tells the story of a little Alien, trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where sound may get you killed.

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Hello Everybody,

Lets talk about the idea for the game!

The idea was something that we struggled with, it took us a bit to develop an idea that was going to challenge us and be something we wanted to work on.

After several days of brainstorming we came up with whats now called Ominous. A dark themed 2D Puzzle Game, with a hand-drawn style that tells the story of a little Alien, trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where sound may get you killed.

If you are curious about the whole story we wrote it down here for you!


2026 was the first year where humans managed to capture the first aliens. They started making various experiments with them and it wasn´t too long till they started going too far.

Over time, the experiments started to be more daring and dangerous, they started crossing their DNA with animals until they made what we can call an entire new species.
So many experiences were made, experiences that lived, actual breathing creatures. It wasn´t just one lab anymore, they had multiple ones across the world, a gigantic secret company, that should have never existed in the first place.

Of course nothing always goes according to plan does it? One day, one of the strongest and fastest experiences managed to escape captivity. He created complete chaos, no scientist or soldier could stop him, much less when "he" became "them".

They made dangerous creatures indeed. And I´m not talking about how vicious and ruthless they were, that was not really the worry. What i´m talking about is his mind, his intelligence, because in the end, unknown blood was still running through their veins and i guarantee you no scientist ever really understood what they were dealing with.

And yet there was a catch, this new species had no sight whatsoever. Scientists knew this information and so humans should have had the upper hand. Somehow It just didn´t matter. It didn´t make them any less dangerous, for what they lacked in sight, they gained in auditive capabilities. As things dragged on and got out of control, awknowledging this didn´t make any difference at all.

So, what happened to mankind you ask? Well, I´ll let you figure that one out for yourself. As for the other experiences left behind, I can however tell you that some of them actually managed to escape amidst all chaos from the insurgency of these blind monsters (out of the cage at least). And you know, not all of them were agressive and evil, some didn´t seek to harm others. That is the case of our main character, the little elegant alien known as "Experience 06".

Thankfully, after a really dark period, traces of humanity slowly started to vanish and nature started overtaking what once belong to it. As for the evil monsters, which we like to call "Nightcrawlers", those prefer to be active during the night and kinda rule the whole world now.

Unfortunely for 06, things started taking a turn. She was living in a somewhat safe forest with plenty of food to go around and a nice shelter for her to rest. But now, food is lacking and this is not a safe heaven anymore. She decided that it´s time to move somewhere else before it´s too late. The dangers that lie ahead are plenty, it will be dark soon and being hungry 24/7 just makes it harder.

It´s your job to help her find a new home.

I hope this idea caught your attention.

More to come soon,
Keep an eye out!
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