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Post news RSS October - Happy Halloween!

An awesome media release and an update on our progress. You asked for pictures so we gave you pictures.... what more could you want?

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Hey all, hope your having a fantastic Halloween, and if you don't celebrate it, we hope your having a wicked month!

The TA Team have been hard at work again, and we are so excited to show you some AMAZING screenshots!

First off though I would like to introduce you to some new members who joined our ranks recently.

  • Welcome to Sampson who is another weapons modeller and texture artist who works so fast we can show you some of his work already!
  • Welcome to SteathSilver who is a character texture artist, he has started texturing our characters arms recently, and I tell you... it's AWESOME!! - we have an extra special media update planned with our new player models in the future so for now, its our worst kept secret!
  • We also welcome Destruct to our ranks. Another weapons modeller who also has some sneak peek shots to show off already.
  • Say welcome to Unrated, a new texture artist, who I can't seem to get any texture work for since my TA team are working their socks off, modelling and texturing things (bad bad team!)
  • We welcome Defeatist to our team, he is a Concept artist who is producing some awesome concept work for us for a Jungle map... did I just give away the theme of one of our secret maps?

We love to see new guys joining the ranks, but enough about them, it's about you and our media update!!

Introducing JUNGLE

Well, it started as an idea, and a lot of the team wondering if it was even possible in the unreal engine (some of us even doubted his sanity) but lets take a look at the results...

Teifi has provided us with the mother of all teaser screenshots (actual in-game shot) have a drool and show your mates.

Of course no jungle is complete without an AK

So we had to texture it of course, this was a real team effort and we think that it shows the best of everyone's skills.

We were looking at melee weapons and we thought "What would be really cool?"

So we thought, I know lets make an axe, well actually its a hatchet to be more precise

Just show us more guns already...

Ohhh alright :D but a mac-10 will have to do. Loebedoe skillfully modeled the MAC-10 and Disaster finshed off the texturing. It might look a bit puny but this thing has some nice firepower.

Did someone say badass Raging Bull??

Say "Sampson we love you" you raggy fans

Hey they do arms as well...

StealthSilver took on the big task of texturing our first character model. This is a really imprtant job as if its done badly then it will really show. This is just the start and we are now confident of some awesome looking characters.

When you have got nearly 40 members and you want more, you must be mad. Although we sound mad we want more of you... come JOIN in the fun and contribute to what is going to be a very good game, who knows where it could lead when TA hits the big time....

If TA made level props.. they would probably be the best level props in the world

Welcome to some of our Environmental Modellers who have provided some samples of the things that will make our maps look truly stunning

Since he joined us Hupie has proven to be a very adaptable artist, working in all sorts of different areas. This model demonstrates the importance of good texturing, it really takes environment props to the next level.

Come on stop talking rubbish.....

Hupie also made us a wheely good bin.. for the competition maybe? (NO PUN INTENDED)

Does this man ever stop working??

Well we are told that he does sleep sometimes but he does work hard, this one looks perfect for an industrial setting... in fact we might just have an industrial looking map up our sleeves (stay tuned for updates on that one)

The problem is, it is all a bit hard to visualise

What do all these objects actually look like in the game? Might be a bit like this I suppose...

What about something a bit bigger then??

Well Rooster made us a building.. and Disaster painted it for him!

Then they normal mapped it too

(we didn't see that coming) We hope that this is the sort of quality that will set us apart from other mods

Bins for all!

Disaster also likes making bins.. (secret bin fetish going off I fear)

What even more props??

Enjoy the crane and the smoke towers too!


Well it isn't ready for that yet... but we know the login pass and usernames so NER!!

PSST suppose we were close to a BETA release.. what would our site look like??

TADA (but no beta yet.. boo hiss naughty TA team!)

I hope that amazing collection of media was what you were looking for (see we weren't lying when we told you we were working hard) and I hope that you will continue to support the one and only TA... yeah that's us.

See you on the servers,
Your TA Development Team!

AlCool - - 3,112 comments

Awesome guys! Can't wait for first beta!

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angry_bot - - 426 comments

Holy crap that's a lotta screenies! Definitely looking forward to this one: modwatched!

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a2ny - - 265 comments

absolutely top class, very nice textures and mapping skills. Only a few months in development, this is certainly one contender for the no.1 prize.

Keep it rolling guys :)

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Terminal58 - - 276 comments


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Abyssio - - 54 comments


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