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Optimisations, integrating multiplayer elements, reworking character skills, new level items, potential Xmas sandbox demo

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The last several months have been pretty silent but ADR is very much alive.
Due to real life time constraints, work has slowed down and the live streams have been stopped for now to focus on core aspects of the game. That said a number of hours per week is still being focused on the game.

The 2008 Tech demo is on hold whilst the core functionality of ADR is being updated.

More elements and character skills are being implemented and refined to work within a multiplayer game environment. Tails and Knuckles abilities is currently being focused on along with momentum based movement being refined. A complete rework of the functionality for jump selectors has been made so that they can be rotated 90 degrees by player input. Grid based movement on the Special stage is in the works to fix some rotation/off-grid issues and wearable and seasonal items have been re-added into the code base after some restructuring.

Some new level items & features:
Rotating platforms
Rotating Blade and rail
Swinging Guillotine

Physical based materials for emitting particle and sound effects when running on different types of surfaces. Running up steep slopes whilst not boosting slows down the players speed and speeds it up when running down slopes determined by slope angle. Specific slopes based on physical material attributes will cause the player to play the slide animation whilst moving down the slope and calculate a new velocity.(i.e, Labyrinth, Slope material: water will cause player to slide down slope.)

Currently working to get these optimisations and new additions out the way so a new sandbox demo can be released for the Christmas holidays.

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