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Halves is now released, also there is a giveaway celebrating the release.

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Buy now in Steam!

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Giveaway of 22 steam keys!

More info here!

In a planet called "Nosense", which is divided into two halves, peace is achieved because the kings of both kingdoms are continually talking. But one day...

For a mysterious reason all the greens disappeared except you. Therefore your mission is to find your king and warn him before the decline arrives...

On your way, each decision can change everything. Each game can be totally different depending on who you trust...


Halves is an adventure game that every level have different mechanics. You can be an entire level killing zombies, solving puzzles, jumping in platform sections or even exploring a scary mansion...

At the end of almost every level you will have to make a decision that will change the next level you will play. Each time you start the game it can be completely different from the previous one depending on what you decide. Every level try to be completly different in mechanics, you can be driving around with a van being careful with your hunger and fuel or being killing zombies and searching for ammo and health kits, for example.

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holy s**t! i don't care!

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