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More options for the player means more potential feedback for the developer.

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After the last updated demo, the following additions have been made:

Mouse flight options

This is exactly as you would expect it to be for a joystick, just now it can be used for the mouse.

Cursor Recenter Speed
If you have played the awesome Void Destroyer 2 then you already know what this means. For everyone else, when you stop moving the mouse cursor to fly your ship, the cursor will gravitate back to the center of the screen.

Audio Settings

You can now control the volume of the sound effects.

What's next?

Demo update
I'll release an updated demo with the above features soon. It's always good to get feedback on new and current features while development continues elsewhere. You can post your feedback and suggestions in our discussion board.

I'll be working on some engine stuff, to do with how audio effects are assigned and played. It's not a feature that would excite many people, perhaps just programmers. :)

After that I'll create a local leaderboard for the current simulator mission. You can always follow my progress with the Trello board, which updates as development continues.

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