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Residual Blood as proposed here has changed. The game itself has been succeeded by Residual Breath, the title Residual Blood becoming more akin to a brand name.

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It's been a while, and much has changed since August of 2019. The world, games, and Skull Jockey. It may not sound as inspiring to hear that a developer has downsized to a single-body. That typically is the death knell for most independent studios that have undergone such a transformation. Yet in hindsight this was a necessary transition as even with a team of to-be-contracted developers (the real legal paperwork still in the works at the time), there came creative restrictions and concessions, many of them coming with the nature of working with a group comprising mostly of total strangers, many of whom were novices (including myself at the time). In the end, those concessions were too much and crushed my motivation. So to was my connection to those I had recruited to contribute to development in return for financial compensation once the project received funding.

To reiterate for record, I will not be using any assets code, visual, or audio from those contributors, and neither have I used any since development went on hiatus at the start of the COVID Pandemic. As agreed upon in interview and emails (a terrible means to establish a proto-contract, in hindsight), all assets created by those contributors for Residual Blood are entirely in the possession of their creators--this does not include any documents or design direction given to said contributors. I am holding onto some copies and files for record of contribution but I have not and will not be using them as assets in any future projects, commercial or personal. Likewise, said creators remain free to use those assets for commercial projects, as those contributions are entirely their own creations and remain only "attached" to Residual Blood and Skull Jockey as far as reference and record go.

Since the Summer of 2020, I have drafted and explored several game concepts beyond Residual Breath. I never gave up on it, I only spent time elsewhere for a period until Winter of 2021. Over the 2021 holidays I found the inspiration to complete what I started and use what experience and inspiration I had gathered to revive the project to a stronger, overall reinvigorated state.

This IndieDB/media space update comes rather late in the process of dusting off cobwebs and scrubbing the rust off the gears. Residual Breath, the successor project to this one, began its iterations in the Unity Engine. In the late spring of 2020, its code had been written by a "to-be-contracted" programmer. A year later, development code for Residual Breath was written in a new Unity project by yours truly, neither referencing or using any of the old project's code as Breath had been decided as a 3D shooter and not an isometric shooter RPG. As of the later half of Summer 2022, all essential development made in Unity has been transferred over to the Godot Engine, where Residual Breath's development will continue.

In closure, Residual Blood is not "over" and neither is it "continued". It is being succeeded by Residual Breath, and the name "Residual Blood" will be the intellectual property under which Residual Breath stands.

- Skull Jockey, Developer

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