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Just a summary of the demo I've been holding back for awhile.

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Finally, Demo 0.1 will be released TOMORROW!
I'm adding a lot of stuff before release tomorrow.
Here's what to expect:
+ Pop Up Text Documents IN EVERY ROOM A MONSTER IS IN (Seriously, check everywhere in a room where a monster is/was. It's in there, looks like a file.)
+ Audio Clips for story (Nothing big, yet. Just little snippets your character says about things.)
+ A new level (Not enough time for a 3rd, still. This level has at least ONE scare in it though.)
+ A Load/Save Function (Probably won't be necessary at the moment, though.)
+ New loading Screens
+ New Menu Text
+ New HUD
+ Possibly a new monster (Not gonna say what kind here, though, if I do add a new one)
+ A little more variation in the rooms (can't guarantee it's all fancy and interesting though.)
+ Minor changes that are barely noticeable
Lemme explain a few things from above.
Firstly: The pop up documents are just documents based off the experiment that was in the room. They're a bit lengthy with reading, but, they explain what the experiment was trying to accomplish, what was done, who/what the experiment subject(s) originally was/were, and if the experiment failed or not.
They give you a bit more info on the thing you killed.
Secondly: Audio Clips will be sprawled throughout the levels.
In a boring, empty room, you'll hear your character say "There isn't much in here." (Probably will be heard a few times.)
In a room with a monster you'll hear different phrases and so on, example: "What the fuck WAS that thing?" or "Jesus fucking christ, what the hell was/is that?!"
In an area with a gun that you obtain, you might hear "Better grab that gun over there", or "Better grab that, it could come in handy."
In a room in a room that's got a corpse or dead body in it, you might hear "Eugh, what the fuck happened here?" or "Looks like he's been dead for awhile."
In the room with the bunk beds, you'll hear "Damn, this place is a mess."
In your starting room, you'll hear right as you walk towards the door; "Ugh.. Where.. am I...?"
And more audio in different areas. It'll vary.
Thirdly: The new level isn't THAT big, but it is a decent size, and has documents, audio logs, and a scare or two as well. The new monster, if implemented, will be in the second level only.
And finally: The HUD, loading screens, and Menus are all different now. There is a SLIGHT problem with the new cursor I implemented, so please, to get the right menu click just below the lettering for each button. Example; where it says "Save Game" in the In-game menu, click JUST below the words "Save Game" to get it correctly. I don't know why this happens yet.

Anyway, that's all for now, look forward to it being released tomorrow night!

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