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Engine "update"; graphics; plothole; sounds; translations; more screenshots!

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Here we go again

Greetings my fellow human beeings!

Today is the day of updates! So here we go.

  1. Remember the thing about updating game engine? Well… That went good! So good in fact, that everything broke. So we’ve decided to stay on UE 4.10 and just figure out how to make it work. By “we” I mean “Jarek”. Fun fact. He has done it… He always does. God only knows how.
  2. Our new graphic-designer-in-training is drowning in work right now, next week we’ll see how good is he. For now we stay hopeful but, as they say: “ hope is the first step on the road to disappointment”. Only time will tell.
  3. It apears that I messed up and we found a tiny, little, minor, plothole. You see, there was that in game event, which explained a lot of story of main character… aaaand we couldn’t put it in and forgot about it. But fear not! We are fixing it right now.
  4. The deal with sound making studio was done. Soon someone ( probably me, knowing my luck) will be running around with these guys, recording all kind of stuff.
  5. And for the last news, and this one is cool, we are working on 360 trailer. We’ve a few ideas and i wrote a thing or two for it. Should be great. Nah, it WILL be great.
  6. We thinking about translations of our games. For now, there is English, Turkish and Polish version. We’d like to add Russian, Spanish, Chinese, German and Brazilian. If anyone here could help with any of these languages, please, tell us.
  7. And as always, Marek is doing his job, getting stuff done. And here are some screenshots for ya!


That’s all for now guys, and as always, have a good one!

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