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“ I can’t recall what happened. I remember flashes, screams. I was in pain, I remember my sorrow and rage. But every memory is so distanced. I… My name is John, John Blake. That I can remember. Something happened and…

...And now I’m here. Wherever or whatever here is. I see a black corridor, clocks hanging everywhere on the walls. In front of me I can see the light…Candles? I can’t think straight… have to know what is going on. I need to recall the past. I don’t know why, but I feel this is important It seems that there is only one way to go, at least for now. Will you join me in this journey?”

The Purgatory is upcoming 1st person puzzle/mystery game with horror elements and atmosphere thrown in for the good measure. Set in our own setting (“Inner Voices”) based upon modern world, today’s concept of fear and Lovecraftian mythos. You will play as John Blake, a man trapped inside a dark dimension with only a strange, outlandish voice as his guide. Your quest: to regain your past and to figure out what is really going on.

Go through a semi-randomised dungeon world build from memories of our protagonist, broken and twisted by some dark force. Find clues to what and why happened to John. And remember: Nothing is what is seems to be.

The main goal of the game is to complete puzzles based on John’s past. In doing so, you will help him remember his past, piece by piece, and even uncover why did he lost his memory in the first place. In the end his fate will be in your hands. Will you lead his steps to truth and salvation? Or will you damn him for… Well, well, I almost spoiled the twist, didn’t I? You will have to find out for yourself.

Project’s background

In the beginning “The Purgatory” was a small project made for Epic games jam using Unreal Engine 4. The idea was simple: you play as a man, who died. In a realm between life and death you meet a mysterious figure which offers you a deal: if you play his little game, you might save your life. The game was simplistic back then: you were going from room to room, in few of them there was a small puzzle to complete. If you did all the puzzles, you win, if you did not and the time run out, you loose.

The game jam rules gave us three day to complete our game, and with small team of five people, we managed to complete something you could call early alpha. The game was not complete in any way, shape or form, yet people seemed interested. After the game jam we’ve decided to continue our work on the project and now we are here. ;)

The Purgatory today

As you can imagine we had quite some time to continue our work. Game is much bigger now, more complex(more rooms, zones, puzzles, notes, basically more of everything). Story also evolved, our protagonist gained a backstory and life. We are still working on somethings (graphics, atmosphere,music, sounds, optimisation etc), as you might imagine, there is always more we can do, and we do our best. Let us hope we manage to make The Purgatory a game it deserves to be.


We are 4 man squad right now. All of us worked on the game jam project, everyone of us put something from himself into this game. Our team consists of:

Marek Jaroszewski: Our manager and level designer. Basically he is the guy who made all these twisted areas in the game… I will let you be the judges of his psyche.

Jarek Jaroszewski: Marek’s older brother, he is our graphic designer and programmer. Also this man can do everything. And I do mean everything, he seems to know something about every topic you can imagine. He is also tall as a tree, go figure.

Patryk Jarosz: Our main programmer. Self proclaimed master of UE4. The only non-cynical person in our team. He alone bears the title of “ Sigma Games Arch Mary Sue”, our perfect ( in his own mind) Snowflake. Anyway, he is no longer addicted to Coca cola, so that’s nice.

Piotr Mieruszyński: Our writer and story designer, so basically everything that happens in our game is his fault . He has a strange sense of humor, he love jellies. Ah, and probably he’s a tiny little bit insane. Just saying.

You can find us on:



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We really put a lot of work in our game, as you can see in our older posts. And now, thanks to support and feedback, we are working even harder! Me and my team are really thankfull. We do appreciate all your support!


The Purgatory is in 95% ready and we are aiming on september with launch (tell your friends)

The Purgatory is also a VR game! Yep we created it for VR from scratch so it will work (full support of DK1 & DK2) and soon - RIFT and VIVE.

Please - spread the word - we really want to give it to you in september 2016 (no tricks :)

The Purgatory - We are on Greenlight!

The Purgatory - We are on Greenlight!

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Big Update about what is going: Greenlight, New website, trailer 360, demo

The Purgatory - Weekly Update (First youtube video)

The Purgatory - Weekly Update (First youtube video)


Update about what is going on: state of new website, trailer 360 etc. First youtube video.

Purgatory: yet another update

Purgatory: yet another update

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New models, few words about 360 trailer, first demo version.

The Purgatory: Update

The Purgatory: Update


Short update about what is going on: state of the game, website, teasers etc.

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Part of the soundtrack to our game. Made by turkish composer Halil Can Öztürk. This one you can hear at the beginning of the game. Enjoy.


I can't wait for the full release! I heard it was going to be early 2017, is that still true? I hope this one doesn't drop out of development, it'd be really nice to play the fully fleshed out story!
I made a rad lumps play, check it out for quippy 'pop-up' commentary:

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Nice Horror Game! Hope you guys make it on Steam Greenlight!

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Hi! The game look very great. Will be free to play? (Sorry for my english,i´m Spanish)

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No, we are a small indie dev and creating this game took as a while. The game will have full realise on steam and other platforms. It will be around 10$. :)

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I like this tracking for future updates

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tarok26 Creator

great to hear :) check out our twitter @johnpurgatory

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It's alive! In 1 hour we made it work on Oculus Rift C1. Check on the demo :) John is happy! #indiegame #ue4T.co

Nov 3 2016

Widzimy się na miejscu ;) @GoodGameExpo #Good #Game #indiegames #expo #GoodGameWarsaw T.co

Sep 21 2016

23-25 сентября команда The Purgatory появится на конференции GoodGame Expo в Варшаве. Приглашаем всех желающих.<br.. Vk.cc

Sep 21 2016

Свершилось! / "The Purgatory быть!" - решили ребята из Valve и дали зеленый свет. / За 19 дней,.. Vk.cc

Aug 24 2016

Thank you all for your support :)We successfully passed Greenlight! :) #indiegame #unrealdev #ue4 #gamedev #Steam T.co

Aug 23 2016

Happy Birthday to our Lord and Savior H. P. Lovecraft! @HP_Lovecraft #Cthulhu #Horror

Aug 20 2016

You can download the new versions of the demo Steamcommunity.com #indiegame #unrealdev #ue4 #gamedev #Steam T.co

Aug 19 2016

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