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News about steam page, roadmap and devblog 12 ! :D

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Hello guy's !

Before all, we want to say thank you for you'r support (emails, comments, follows etc) you'r support motivates us in the development of The Last Hope For All !

About Steam :

Info :
- Steam Store page is almost done.
- Release date is not available for now (we would want to release it at the end of March but nothing is safe).
- About the price, for now (see lower) the price is $9.99 USD.

Art :
For the release of the Early Access a lot of community stuff will be available like :
- Trading Cards
- Badges
- Profil background

DevBlog #12

Added :
- Proof system (open page on the screen with text)
- Grenade System
- New weapon models for : M4 - M16 - Sniper - M1911 - Ak47
- Windows x64 is now required for play

Fixes :
- Water bug (Island Map), glow effect on screen
- Optimizing Substance Material (new weapon models)
- A couple of little fixes (all levels)

And now ?
Now, we work hard on the new AI system for the Flash Back game mode (randomly levels), the scaning system works perfectly but now we need to change some things with the other AI scripts.

What about the price ?
For the early access release the game will contain : 1 level of the campaign, The Island map Peagasus Project and the "Police Station" Flash Back game mode.
For the "final" release, the game will contain : 5 campaign levels, 2 maps for Peagasus Project and the Police Station.

We rethought the campaign because we think that we shall not arrive has to plunge the player into the scenario with only 5 levels, this is why we make an "Episode 2" with 5 more levels, 2 maps for Peagasus Project and "The Lab" for the Flash Back game mode. We hope you enjoy this news :D

So, for the early access the price is $9.99 USD, the "Episode 2" will be release with the "final" release, so the first week the "Episode 2" will be an free update for the early access customers, after the first week the "final" release price will be of 16.99$ USD.

Screenshot :
You can go HERE for check the new / old weapon models.

Thank you guy's for all you'r support ! And don't forget to follow us on facebook and trello for see the last news and follow the progress of the dev ;D

Defcon, Game Designer.

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