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News about the development of Europe In Flames: EnEx

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Hello EIF players !!

Today i present officially to you the new :

"Europe in Flames: Enhanced and Expanded"

Based on the MS of Warband Enhanced, i have added the most important features already presents at EIF, and now i can confirm which are the news ones for the Alpha version:



-New Recruitment System

-And a lot more of mini-mods (colored faction chat, expanded troop tree, etc.)

New brand features: (already implemented)

-Military ranks

-Own Regimental System

-Standard Bearers

-A lot more of uniforms, firearms, coldarms, etc. from WFAS.

I am working actually with the help of a little team of people who has offered to help me on enhance the gameplay experience of EIF (retexture of some items, scripting, historichal advisoring, etc).

The coding is almost finished, and the next are the new animations, smoke and sound effects, psys, etc.

In a few weeks, EIF: EnEx will be ready for testing. We will keep you informed !!!

YOUR QUESTIONS at Forums.taleworlds.com Thx !!!

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