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Some nice gal you may know as Chibi Echo did a let's play of Intelligence and she has a very good voice I'm so jelly ohmoosegog. :I

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It's in the video section up there all jutting out and being like, sort of impudent and stuff! Thanks ChibiEcho for your awesome presentation! ^.^

ALSO. WE WERE AT #128 EARLIER. I was going to give you all a gift if we hit the top #100, I'm not sure if we did, but you know what, you guys deserve it, now-- if you haven't played the game to it's end, I recommend you do that first, because this is, as it turns out!

The Ending cutscene that is also VERY MUCH A WORK IN PROGRESS, If you beat the game, you can more or less piece together where it'll slot in, ultimately I didn't have the time or inspiration to make this before the deadline, which HAD to be 3/14, absolutely.

Music is a placeholder. All the currently uncolored frames WILL be colored in the final version, this is a draft currently.

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