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My name is Robert H. Clark, but you can call me Bizarre Monkey (or some shorter version), I make games because I enjoy it and I do plan to turn it into a career, I have 10 years of self-taught experience and I'd like to think that I'm getting pretty good now, but I'll let you be the judge of that. I am an Australian Born and Bred and so far have utilized RPG Maker to shape my Universe, but I'm moving forward to bigger things like Unity. My hope is that you'll enjoy my games just as much as I enjoyed making them, currently my business is free and any games that I make will be put up for free Public Download.

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As I add on the finishing touches to this game and prime it for its debut, I'm becoming increasingly aware of how detrimental deadlines are. While I am going to make it, the deadline isn't what pushed me forward, it was the Progress Log I maintained until only a week ago.

This will be my last game with RPG Maker, I have fully used and abused the engine and its limits are just too obstructive to justify sticking with it. I'm surprised I have managed as much as I have, but the use of it ends this December.

Primarily, because it's boring. There's no sense of achievement anymore because there's nothing new to gloat about, nor is there any sense of curiosity because there's nothing left to discover either. It has all become very dry.

However! It has been an excellent stepping stone for bridging the gap from a hobbyist to a somewhat respected developer. With it I learned to harness my creativity as well as improvise to an egregious degree! While it is a toy I will put away much like the Neverwinter Toolset, it is one I shall not forget. It brought me both awards I endlessly brag about and a decent reputation among it's crowd. Even some who reside outside of the RPG Maker crowd are amazed at what I can do with the engine... I don't think anyone exploits the features of it to the degree I do.

That may sound smug, so again, I'll allow you to be the judge of that. While it was certainly useful, it's time to consult the closet for a new toy of mirth and prosperity.

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The Crazy Chimp Collective is a fairly new independent game development studio working to bring only the best quality, epic fun and enjoyable experiences...

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