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Post news RSS New Video! Making an Overhaul Mod in Cantata (Part 1)

We started up a new stream series where we walk through creating an overhaul mod from scratch!

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Hey all! We've started doing a stream series where every two weeks we work on building an overhaul mod from scratch! If you're interested in making mods for Cantata (or making your own NEW game entirely!) you should check out our video here:

For Part 1, we dive into creating an importing all new terrains into the game, no coding required! For part two we'll be talking more about the modding tool itself as well as the gameplay-relevant properties of terrains like their vision costs and movement cost, so if you're a game designer that stream will be for you!

To watch part two, follow us on Youtube or Twitch, as we stream to both places simultaneously! We also stream to our Steam page!



Hope to see you there!

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