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Video of parallax map v-5 in 1080p for the first time. :) I have increased the map view to support a 1920x1080 view as well as added asteroid rotation and new colorful star field backgrounds.

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New star field background, asteroid rotation and improved resolution.


I have posted a video (above) and recorded it in 1080p. This marks the first time I have posted a video at 1080p and this is possible due to some recent hardware upgrades. I've purchased a Zotac GTX 950 AMP! which is a good baseline development video card and is working well. I've also invested in a 27" monitor which sure makes development easier. :)

In the video above I demonstrate the newest version of the parallax (v-5) map with an improved resolution of 1920x1080 which allows for a wider view of the map. This wider view really helps pull things together and when in a windowed mode can be resized to fit almost any display yet still retain the view aspect. I've also added rotation to almost all of the background asteroids (a requested feature). The rotation along with some tweaks to the parallax layers has improved the visuals quite a bit. I have also added some color to the background star field which also helps with visuals, tracking and makes things pop.

I have also been porting code to Monkey 2 the newest version of the Monkey programming language (Phoenix USC is written in Monkey). The port is going well and has afforded me some opportunities to improve the look and feel of the game as well as improve other aspects. So I'll be finishing this port and also fleshing out the map editor I am working on.

So check out the video and if you have the bandwidth view it in 1080p. :D

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