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We've put a new video showing the progress the game has gone since our last video, which was way back in February. Check it over in our game under the videos tag. We've also have some news about the current a future state of our projects.

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You may have seen most of our recent news post and wondering what is exactly going on with the company and The Theseus Effect. If you've been paying careful attention you noticed we made our first mobile release, Theseus: First Flight. Suffice to say that Theseus Effect has become a much larger game than we imagined. Not a daunting task to undertake, but when you also have many other games to release (as well as other projects) you have to step back and think about how to do it all.

We'll continue to work on The Theseus Effect, but you'll be seeing a slew of other projects come down the line in the mean time. We've dubbed a collection of these projects The Leaf Pile and you'll be hearing about these projects over the next few weeks.

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