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We have uploaded the 2 new trailer with the current art.

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Hello, We have uploaded the 2 new trailer with the current art. Also remember to drop a vote and share our Steam Greenlight page.

Sekaiju: Yggdrasil is a fantasy themed, slice of life visual novel game with a some elements of dating-sim; fully voiced and extensively interactive!
Each path you take will get you to a unique ending.

The story revolves around our protagonist Yamakazi Kusanagi, who wakes up after a big earthquake in Alfheim the land of elves. He has no knowledge of how he got there or how to get back home. Now he must not only figure how to get back home but also what caused him to be brought here and if there are any connections between the so called earth shaking in Alfheim and the earthquakes back home. All while trying to stay alive and figure out who is trying to assassinate the princess and take over the kingdom.

Does this person have anything to do with his being here or is this person connected to the earthquakes?

Sekaiju: Yggdrasil Visual Novel

Sekaiju: Yggdrasil Visual Novel Gameplay trailer


Great trailers, I will love to try out this game.

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MoonSttar Author

thanks feel free to try it out and my maybe if you want give us some feedback also?

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Is this a NTR simulator

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MoonSttar Author

no lol its a fantasy romantic comedy visual novel

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