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The game continues its progression into a unique take on the stealth and survival horror genres with "The Heart"

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Hiding in the trees. Breathing heavily as your heart beats a million miles a second. We want to capture these in our game, and bring a realistic feeling of terror to gamers everywhere.

RUIN is slated for release in 2014, and while we still have work to do, it's coming along nicely.

The game has now implemented some systems that we are proud to say have yet to be seen in any game you've played. The HUD now includes what we call "The Heart", a simple icon at first, but complex once the player gets into the meat of the game's stealth and combat systems.

Marcus can feel the presence of dark beings when near, and the screen, as well as The Heart, will begin to pulse, simulating a rush of adrenaline you would feel if presented with the same tension the game is built on. Once the player can see these beings, Marcus will begin to breathe heavily, and at this point he has the option to hide in the shadows and seek alternative, safer routes, engaging in a more stealth based character, or to fight, becoming stronger and more confrontational.

We want the player to experience the fear of running, disoriented, down forest paths from the haunts that occupy the woods the game calls its setting.

Stay with us for more information as development continues.

Adrian Marshall,
Game Director & Lead Designer
LowLit Studios, LLC

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