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The latest update adds 20 missions to the campaign, as well as a unit veterancy system.

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My main focus since the last article here has been adding new missions to the campaign. Each time the player moves to a new node in the campaign map, you will encounter a random event, which might lead to a tactical fleet battle or a more heavily scripted objectives-based mission. In the video below, you can see a few of the different events that you can encounter in the latest build of the game.

In addition to the changes to the campaign, there is also now a unit veterancy system, similar to the systems found in Command and Conquer and other RTS games. Whenever units deal the killing blow to an enemy, they gain experience, and as they level up, they become significantly more powerful.

Unit Veterancy

The veterancy system ties in nicely with the campaign because it allows the player to level up their ships from mission to mission, adding an additional form of progression and further encouraging the player to preserve their existing units.

As before, the game is still in alpha on Itch.io As for the full steam release, I've opted to stay on smaller sites for now until I can finish the campaign. I'll also be showing the game at MAGFest in January, so expect more news about the final release before then.

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