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The end of the old and the birth of a new one. The development of the next-gen YRPG Game-Core has begun.

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In the meantime, almost a year has passed and there has been no news here on Facebook. After I started my new job, there was almost no time left for any projects outside of work.

Nevertheless, it went on. The news was limited to the Discord channel and there were updates in irregular intervals. Defects were fixed and work continued slowly. I noticed that there were defects that kept appearing and whose cause I couldn't pinpoint too precisely.

In the meantime, I had also changed the architecture of the project to have a better overview of the code. Unfortunately, all this did not lead to the desired result.

The test game could be played without errors in the best case. In the worst case, the game crashed right after the start. Sometimes, however, also in the middle of the game. Other times I got any direct X errors.

I fought with myself for a long time and came to the decision to completely rebuild the game core of the game - with a different engine. It was really difficult to make this decision because a lot of work was already left in the game core.

The toolkit itself will be reused as much as possible. Also, the data structures will be taken over and reused in the new game core. Of course, not everything can be reused.

Recently I have already started development and am now ready to load and interpret the test data from the Classic Game-Core in the new Game-Core.

The development runs amazingly fast. I have to admit that I have learned quite a bit of experience and dos and don'ts over the years, of course.

Here is a small preview of the Game-Core.

Currently, there is a classic movement, with camera control. Running and walking is supported and the menu and options have already been implemented.

Right now I'm working on the combat system.

Many greetings - stay healthy and see you!

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Moving on Unity was a good idea
i belive in your work,don't give up

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