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Post news RSS New gameplay trailer & release date announced for Rise of Humanity

We're thrilled to share that our turn-based card battler is coming to Early Access on 21 October! We also have a brand new gameplay trailer you can check out here.

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Rise of Humanity is a tactical turn-based card battler with RPG elements, stunning visuals, epic human-crushing robots, nasty robot puppies and cute exploding bunnies. Players move their characters around on a hexagonal play field using a stamina system. They are dealt a deck from a wide selection of cards they can use to attack enemies, lay traps and dodge incoming fire.

The Early Access game will include six missions with text dialogue (voice acting planned for the full game), and increasing difficulty. Players will also come across levels with enemies hidden by fog of war. They can make use of the unlimited random side missions to improve the skills of their heroes and collect more cards for them. In the central mission hub, they can heal their heroes, buy them skills, or upgrade, merge and remove cards from their decks.

It will have:

  • Two different game modes:
    • a Story Mode with six main missions, unlimited random side missions, and the engaging story of an AI gone rogue and a bunch of loveable misfits who embark on a mission to save humankind.
    • a Daily Challenge Mode that creates three new missions every day with different battle conditions.
  • Four playable characters, all of them with their own decks, different powers and different skill trees to develop
  • Six different levels, with stunning graphics, as well as deadly enemy robots that are sometimes hidden by fog of war
  • More than hundred cards that you can collect, upgrade and merge

We still have our free Prologue available on Steam that contains the first two chapters of the game, so you can have a look and see if this is your cup of tea.

Have a look and let us know how you like it, feedback from our community is always very valuable for us!

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