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New gameplay elements and strategies, created during some months, and player faction color customization.

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Overflow's development got a little slow for some time, but now its back in its place, there was much progress since the last article, and the game is almost playable. Also, the demo is almost ready, but there are a few things to do before the demo is finished.

These are a few things created during this months:

Ignitite Vision


Detects ignitite energy indicated by orange colors, power generation bases use ignitite, resulting in mostly all things that use energy glow Orange

Custom Colors


At the start of the game you can select a color for your faction, currently there are 8 colors to choose, right now, more customization options are being worked.

Types and points


Robot Types influence on the attack and defense of a robot, they either can be good or bad against certain types of enemies. there are three robot types:


Offense points depend on the weapons range, fire rate, etc.

They are represented by red squares.

A weapon that uses fire as ammo has higher offense points on a mutant or ignitite. Offense type robots usually have low armor points.

Armor points are basically how much attacks a robot can survive before dying


Defence points depend on weapons and armors.

They are represented by green squares.

Robots with high armor points and good offense points have high defence points.


Robots that have equal defence and offence points.

They have equal numbers of defense and offense squares.

Ignitite Colonies


Ignitite colonies can grow anywhere, they first start with the core, a medium sized tree that stores the energy and components necessary for the growth of ignitite, colonies start with 2 bioarmor mutants, but if left to grow, a colony can spread to the whole base, and to kilometers (or cities).

The more a colony grows the more it gets strong and dificult to destroy, the player can destroy one by clicking on the core, and avoiding the defense mutants.

Colonies release seeds into the air, seeds create small plants that later grow ignitite and other plants that liberate more seeds.


A small plant growing, still without ignitite.


A infected robot construction section of a base, creatures with bioarmor are produced here.

Factory and Information system

factory and some


You can produce robots in the factory, and to produce robots you need parts, which are found on many other bases, the time to produce a robot depends on its tecnology armor and weapons.

Information System

The player can use this to view what he currently has and what he needs.


The information system displaying the parts you have colected to build a robot.

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