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Using UDK technologies awsome stuff could have been developed in gameplay.

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In a few weeks , maybe days we'll be releasing the new version of gota alpha demo for testers , the demo will be improving fields such as art , and gameplay .


-In art the menu will totally change using a more roman stylish , using fonts looking kinda ancient.
The menu will be dynamic that means you will be watching a fight while in it.

-there will be spectator sounds , maybe some music tracks and a lot more fighting system sounds battle voice acting.

-As well as some hud effects that will bring the game more to the life.

-New Weapons!

-Spartan Sword
-Gladiator large round shield
-Spiked mace
-Spartan shield
-Spartan spear

Melee weapons Changes:

-Shield block: The shield blocking system has reached it's perfect state , using more good looking animations, it will be adjustable this time with the mouse Wheel.

-Parry: now does recoils when parries an incoming attach

-Swinging: swings never fail like before , if armour is hit and tehre's not enough damage or penetration the hit recoils

Ranged weapons Changes:

Dodge: Now Dodge moves the whole character so it's much more realistic , and the animations are really improved.

-Arrows shield hit rate is never failing

-Now pressing T you can go into throwing mode , that it will bring your weapon ready to be thrown , when click you prepare the throw , and releasing it you throw the weapon.

-Javelin physsics improved a lot.

-Special Attacks: Special attacks allow the player do special movements hitting mousewheel forward by having enough adrenaline , then the adrenaline it's consumed


" repetitive thursts with gladius or any short swords "

" long thurst with spear "


-New Death crazy animations.

-Outputing textes on screen on arena fights about score bonuses

-Overall score system

-New tunic colours , tunic improved . " possibly not included "

- Armour system included

-Shield directional recoil

- Weight system , " the more weight the less faster you run and other perks "

Stay tuned your support it's essential for us thanks !

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