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the demo to Groovy Invaders, version 2.0, is out now. With several updates and added features to the gameplay.

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We finally finished the new updated demo to Groovy Invaders. We've added plenty of new features that has

helped deepen and improve the gameplay. Such as:

- Turbo Fire: Shoot faster with the help of this new ability that's
powered by your boost energy. Use it by double clicking the fire button.

- Sub Invader Types: new variations on the main invaders. Like Blue Invaders that freeze you upon touch. There's also the Giant,
Shielded or Elite Invaders types. Along with new bosses!

-Level Variations: Levels are now different each time you play. With
different enemies appearing in different places, along with powers ups.

-More Sound Effects: New voice sounds added to all the different Invaders,
as well as the game's main hero, Funky Mike.

-Gameplay Tweaks and Balancing: Items no longer fall through the bottom of
the screen, and are easier to grab. And Charge Shots now do twice as much
damage, making them much more effective against enemies.

Download the new demo for Groovy Invaders at the Links below:

(Mac Version)


(Windows Version)


We have also made a new Steam Greenlight page for our game, we could really use your support!

Check out our page at the link below!


Check out some screen shots of the new demo below:

Screen Shot 2015 10 11 at 11 25

Screen Shot 2015 10 11 at 11 28

Screen Shot 2015 10 11 at 11 26

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