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A new demo for my eldritch beat'em up, 'Gods from the Abyss', with better gameplay and a lot of bugs ammended.

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Hi! Facing the year's end very soon, I think that the release of the full game must wait a little more. Now I'm thinking to add a new extra level, and I'll start to approach some publishers, but if I don't find any, probably I'll release the game at Steam by myself.

Here is a new demo. It features the same first two levels, as the older one, but there are some fixes, thanks to the feedback of some nice people!:

  • Now you can run up and down, not only left and right as before.
  • The speed of the attacks and the response of the enemies are better timed.
  • If you throw an enemy, there is a chance that he/she hits other enemies.
  • A lot of bug fixed, mostly for two players games
  • Now the texts of the game are not 'hard coded', so it's easier to add translations. At this moment the game is in english and spanish.
  • And now the game remember your selected options!

And I'm adding a gameplay video! If you like it, try the demo, and if you enjoy it, look for the full version. I hope to release it very soon!



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