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Small Independent studio focused in games, design and illustration.
Pequeño estudio indie enfocado en la producción de juegos, el diseño y la ilustración.

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Here it's an article about Crazy Steam Bros and the older games created by me, by Geeky Juegos! It's in spanish, but you can use an online traslator :D



Un artículo sobre Crazy Steam Bros y de juegos mas antiguos creados por mí, por la gente de Geeky Juegos! Y está en español :D


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Latest tweets from @arscreativa

Experimenting with layers and blend modes to make some illumination effects. #indiedev #gamedev #Lovecraft #CthulhuT.co

10hours ago

Testing a background. I'm using simple blocks to define the no-pass zones. It's not perfect but works, at least for… T.co

Aug 18 2019

Hey! Now I can take guns from the floor! Because it's totally normal to find guns scattered randomly over the floor… T.co

Aug 10 2019

At last! All weapons animations finished, now it's time to implement them into the game. #indiedev #gamedevT.co

Aug 10 2019

RT @blurymind: Coming soon to @GDevelopApp - a built in dialogue tree editor -once used by @InfiniteAmmoDev for @NightInTheWoods -… T.co

Aug 7 2019

RT @1C_Company: #Lovecraftian horror #RPG @stygianthegame gets a release date! Prepare to witness what lurks beyond the veil on Sep… T.co

Aug 5 2019

Animations for standing and walking with guns. Next ones: jumping, charging and running. And shooting, of course ;P… T.co

Aug 4 2019

RT @BlenderNation: Blender 2.80 Final Release Scheduled for July 30! Blendernation.com #b3d T.co

Jul 29 2019

Now I have a machine gun Ho Ho Ho! #indiedev #gamedev #Lovecraft #Cthulhu #Gdevelop #beatemup #brawler #Blender3D T.co

Jul 29 2019

Finally, all weapons textured! :D #indiedev #gamedev #Lovecraft #Cthulhu #Gdevelop #beatemup #brawler #Blender3D T.co

Jul 28 2019