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Hi rushers, sorry for the quiet, we were really busy with the last version. But we are really happy to propose you a new character and a new monster.

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Hi rushers,

We released a new version, with two big new features, a character Rose and the necromancer. Here some explanations and details about it!

Rose, the herbalist:

rose com

She is a polyvalent character, with heal for your team and some DoT for ennemis! You can find her in the mountain (act 2).

Litte preview of her fighting and explorations skills:

Screen Shot 2016 08 15 at 18 16

Her fighting abilities:

  • spell 66 Imbued sickle: Slices the target with a magical imbued sickle
  • spell 67 Infection: Spreads spores on an opponent line that can inflict Disease (dmg / turn + increase other DoT damage)
  • spell 71 Medicinal herbs: Throws a handful of herbs on an ally to heal him over time

Litte preview of her talents tree:

Screen Shot 2016 08 15 at 18 05

The new monster: Necromancer.

His abilities:

  • spell 86 inflict poison
  • spell 87 he can heal an ally
  • spell 88 passive: has a spiked protection

Few sprites:

monster 37 fight 0monster 37 anim cast 2

monster 37 anim cast 3monster 37 anim cast 4

A little situation in fight:

fight with necro heal

That's all for this week! I'll see you next update (probably after the gamescom)




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Wow so cool. Continue like that! I love healers

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nice! Necromancer S2

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Combat seems to be too simple, constricted, few tactical possibilities. Walking Button instead of animated walking characters further decrease my willingness to pay for this game.

Player in the combat video seems to be struggling too with the restricted battle system.

I think I'll avoid this one and look for other games that are fun.

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goblinzstudio Author

It's a tactical RPG with turn-based fight like final fantasy or might & magics.

You have to manage a front & back line (you have to manage linear and diagonal line of sight) and a lot of buff / debuff (in similar style of Darkest Dungeon).

Our key feature is the possibility to create your own dungeon and share it with the other players.

Not a problem if you don't like this kind of games!

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