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Check the new alpha trailer to see the radica progress the game has made: added circular gravity, improved building system, improved movement mechanics.

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We have successfully added a circular gravity system to Infinite Pixels, making the game play much more enjoyable and simple. We have also modified the map view so that now you can zoom in and out the camera, this will help you when setting your route to a new planet. We have modified the building system so that now the camera aligns to the player, this makes building way easier and faster. We have also improve the moving mechanics for the player so that now you can a use a jet pack to move around or reach high elevation points.

Check the video below!~

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It's a cool idea and it looks interesting however, the pixel buildings and objects looks kinda weird when sitting on the planets surface

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Indeed! That looks out of place. If the whole planet would be made of pixels that would be way better imo.

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Yeah, I think they either need to make the planets out of little cubes as well (think spheres in minecraft) and/or make the planets surface texture really pixilated.

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Somniare Author

we will address this issue by pixelating the planet texture's

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