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It is time to go back to Almond-Hill once again to search for the lost cat named Almond in the haunted town. A new horror adventure game in the works!

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Hello everyone. Long time no news on here for Almond-Hill, which I released back in October around Halloween. Anyway, I have important news to share!

I recently just revealed that I am working on a new Almond Hill game on my blog. This new title is will be called "Almond-Hill : Silent Meow". This is not an Almond-hill 2, but instead a complete reboot. Its a completely new Almond-Hill game with new characters, a new town to explore and different storyline and gameplay. Everything about this new Almond-Hill game is going to be 100% new and I am making everything from scratch.

I have greatly improved in game development since I last released a title. When I released the original Almond hill back in October I was goofing around and quickly put the game together. My goal back then was to just create a short game in time for Halloween. So the entire project was rushed, it had a lot of issues like bugs, poor controls, graphics, animations, etc. Just a game not done in a professional matter at all. Also, back then I stated that the original Almond-Hill project was more of an experimental one so I can test out what makes a horror game.

Anyway, this time around I am taking the development of this new Almond-Hill project very seriously and my goal is to create a quality game. This time, the project will not be an experimental project, it will not be rushed and it will not have all those terrible issues the original had. For this new Almond-hill, it will be a real attempt at creating a horror game.

This will be a really well polished quality game with good graphics/animations, good controls, interesting storyline and fun gameplay. It will be a chance to show off my true game making skills and hopefully make up for the original Almond-Hill game I created. This new Almond-Hill will be nothing like the original.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this news and I hope you look forward to my new project. Please check out my blog for the latest updates on the project. Already, you can see a lot of the new art work I created, character models, etc

So if you have the time, please drop by. Snowconesolidwho.blogspot.com

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