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Post news RSS Nature is coming to Steam on 16th November 2016!

Finally! Drunk On Nectar will arrive on Steam in just two weeks from now! Nature Sandbox excitement awaits you, read on to learn more!

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I'm thrilled to announce that Drunk On Nectar will launch on Steam in just two weeks from now!

Let's do a quick round up of all things DoN:

New Trailer!


New Features:

DoN's first release vastly improves upon the Greenlight version with improved graphics, deeper gameplay (chemo-reception, vibratory-reception, grappling and more!) and a new world generator (random map) feature.

I've composed original music exclusively for DoN and now that's a part of the game too. Check out the video above to hear for yourself!


The Road Ahead:

I explained the reason why DoN is launching as Early Access in a previous article here on IndieDB, but I feel it's important to emphasize this again: I firmly consider the current version of DoN to be a complete product in its own right featuring as it does multiple game-modes, multiple playable species, random map generator, etc.

And yet, a Nature Sandbox game has so much room for growth, so much potential for expansion that it needed a vehicle like Steam's Early Access to provide the right environment for fostering the game's growth.


If you're looking more specific information about the game's roadmap or new features just post a comment below or check out the game's Store page or even this recent Steam announcement where I've taken a more lyrical approach in explaining the current state of affairs (along with a new Drunk On Nectar poem just for you!)

Nature arrives on Steam in just two weeks; I want you to be there when the show begins!

- Venugopalan Sreedharan

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