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The NAIRI Kickstarter is over! Check the results and what we're planning for the future!

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The Kickstarter campaign for NAIRI has come to an end, and we’ve made it to the main goal - and then some! It’s been a crazy busy month, with many ups and down, but the end result is, of course, fantastic.
We are incredibly grateful to all of you for enabling us to make NAIRI.
It’s all thanks to you that we can continue to work in the game as we aim to release it in 2017!

So, what will happen now? It will be a couple of weeks until Kickstarter releases to us the funds from the campaign, but we’ll continue to work hard on the game while this happens.
We’ll continue to create the dialogue for the game, design some of the puzzles and implement some new art into the game.
Worry not, as we will keep all of you in the loop with new Kickstarter updates that talk about the development process.

We will also continue to secure additional funds through our PayPal page as we work towards unlocking more stretch goals that will aim at improving and expanding on the content for NAIRI.

Earlier in the year, You and I were sitting in the park, scribbling descriptions for some of the scenes in NAIRI on a piece of paper.
You doodled some new sketches to bring that particular part of the story to life, giving us a glimpse at what was yet to come for this game.
After a lot of work in the pre-alpha build of the game, we decided to start this campaign to secure the funded we needed to make it a reality.

When we finally launched the Kickstarter, we constantly refreshed the page. When we reached over a thousand on our first day, we were ecstatic.
But then things slowed down… and sped up again. And slowed down again.
But we never surrendered, and we kept pushing forward with plenty of updates that allows you to see how we want to make this a very special game.

We want to once again thank everyone for providing us with the extraordinary opportunity to complete our first commercial game – a game that we are incredibly excited to make, and which we cannot wait to see you play.

Thanks to all of you!

Joshua & You - HomeBearStudio

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