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Post news RSS Making a game in Unity within 10 Hours - Pirate Treasure - Game development and showcase

This game is made within 10 Hours, hope you guys like it!

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Hello guys!

About the timelapse: I didn't have time to do it all in once, so I did it within a few days!

Before those days: 1-2 H research!

First day: 2 H

Second day: 3 H

Third day: 5 H

Post-production: 1 H

About Pirate Treasure: You need to destroy buildings to collect the chests! You got limited time, limited ammo, so let's see if I can finish those levels!

Story: You are a pirate who doesn't know where he is, who he is and what he need tho do, the only thing he know is that there is gold! And he want to collect it!

Start of the showcase: 05:05

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