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Post news RSS Mystic Hammer Demo now on Steam! (PC/Mac)

I am happy to announce several improvements to Mystic Hammer. It now runs successfully on Mac OSX Catalina. I also updated several parts of the game including the UI (New dialogues), more refined levels, better tutorials, new sounds, and more!

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Mystic Hammer Free Demo now on Steam (PC/Mac)!

That's right! No need to wait until the Steam Autumn Festival! Mystic Hammer is available for download right now. Come see what the game is about! There have been many improvements since the last update.

Tribal Spirit Shamans shooting...Exploding Lasers?

So, these little tribal spirit shamans caused quite a stir! They shoot exploding lasers that end up damaging in an area of effect. In addition to these, they also have little armored warriors to defend them, so watch out!

New Dialogue system

Gone are the white popup bubbles. Instead, there is a fade-in parchment paper dialogues that bounce a bit and have new font. I think it adds a cozy feel to the game now!

Blooper Video

Also, for those of you who missed the 300 Twitter follower milestone, I put together a video to celebrate with 10 months of bloopers I had saved up in a folder!

Mystic Hammer Streamed a few times!

There have been three streamers who streamed mystic Hammer over on twitch live as well as two Youtubers work videos in the works. Interested in getting the beta version with more content than the demo? Feel free to reach out! Here is a shortened video of one of the streams with the wonderful TenoshiiGaming.

Latest Trailer

If you haven't already checked it out, here is the latest trailer!

Let me know what you think of the Mystic Hammer demo! I welcome all feedback and sincerely thank you all for making my dream a reality. See you in game!

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