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I use barrage fire, take a gamble, and deal with a massive thrower attack.

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Gameplay Highlight #20 | Barrage Fire

The distance turret can be used in a number of ways. One of them is to create a kind of barrage fire, inflicting a lot of damage to a lot of spiders. It also draws a lot of attention, often leading to a chaotic combat situation. I don't think I would have survived this wave without my trusty insulation blankets. They granted me just enough composure to be able to focus on the minimap when aiming the turrets, making sure I got rid of those pesky throwers fairly quickly.

Gameplay Highlight #21 | The Resonator Gamble

This wave consists of 20 high-level catchers and guards. Since they're not assault spiders, it's possible to fight them one at a time. That would be safe, smart, and boring. A much faster and more exciting way is to wait until they're all spawned, then to irritate them and lure them into the resonator. As soon as at least one of them dies, they should all explode in a huge chain reaction. The question is: can I achieve that before I run out of insulation blankets?

Gameplay Highlight #22 | Thrower Madness

Fighting off two hundred throwers can be a real challenge, even when they're fairly low-level. I would have loved to have the distance turret in this scenario, but it wasn't available. Fortunately, I got two insulation blankets that turned out to be life-saving in the first few seconds of the fight.

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I must say the animated article preview was really standing out :P

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juehoffmann - - 43 comments

In a good or bad way?

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