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When I started my game developer career I had literally nothing. I had just few savings and didn’t have any experience on how to develop a videogame.

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Not long ago I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Audiokinetic, the company behind the audio software Wwise. In this article, I talk about my experience as a solo dev and how I used sounds to create an immersive atmosphere in my games, The Alien Cube and The Land of Pain.

Audiokinetic was enthusiast to learn more not only about the use of audio in my games, but also about my story as a self-taught developer, so I was happy to answer their questions and talk about my journey as a one-man team.

You can read the full article here.


When I started my game developer career I had almost nothing. I had just a little savings and no experience on how to develop a videogame.

Despite this, the desire to be my own boss and make games was too strong, so I rolled up my sleeves and started to work on my first project with CryEngine as self-taught.

Soon I realized that my goal to make an enjoyable game on my own wasn’t utopian.


While I was learning, I was creating; and while I was creating, I was learning. After a few months, my game development abilities were improving, so I decided to get some feedback on what I was working on by sharing screenshots and videos.

The community response was very positive and this encouraged me to finish my project. I released the game in September 2017 and the feedback from users was very good.


My experience with The Land of Pain allowed me to work on a more ambitious project, The Alien Cube, that is an evolution of my first game in every aspect.

The Alien Cube was released in 2021 and received the CryEngine Game of the Year award.

Now I’m working on my third project and I can’t wait to share more info about it!


Thanks for reading :)

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-Tremendously excellent graphic points, thanks.

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AlessandroGuzzo Author

Thank you bud!

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Congrats for the interview and your success, the Land of pain did showed tremendous promise. Continue the great work.

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AlessandroGuzzo Author

Thank you Argoon!

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