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Exposing more of the gallery's secrets as the console ports are nearing completion!

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It's been a while since our last update, which we'll blame on *waves hand at general indie dev stuff* but the good news is we're nearly ready to open the gallery doors and let you solve the murder of Mordechai Grey...

In anticipation of the launch (to be announced soon) we've updated our screenshots to show off more of the gallery and give you a taste of the finished game, starting with just one of the procedurally generated night galleries you'll get to explore...

Definitely not a haunted gallery


Hanging paintings on keywords in the gallery reveals FMV flashbacks of conversations the victim had with each of his six 'Muses'. The combination of keywords is unique to each gallery and new keywords are revealed on nights two and three, so you'll be piecing the clues together bit by bit.

*Flutters fan furiously* "What do you mean you haven't got my money?"


Each night gallery also contains a replayable puzzle or mini-game and if you beat it, you'll be rewarded with a key to unlock a secret treasure room containing... well, that would be a secret.

We call this one 'Squardle' :)


Each of the suspect portraits is socketed with six mysterious "Eyes of Mordechai" - swirling red orbs which somehow magically bring the paintings to life. It costs one 'Eye' every time you restore the victim's memories, but if you're a keen investigator, you can find more around the gallery and socket them using a restoration table. You can also 'recycle' eyes from one painting and move them to another, which is especially useful if one of the suspects is being particularly... suspicious.

Handy for when you need more eyes on the case


Of course, you can't solve a murder based on hearsay, which is why you also need to unlock police interviews that the suspects gave after the crime was committed. No one's foolish enough to confess but you should be able to catch the killer if you're paying attention to the clues.

Ah yes, means, motive, opportunity and... undulating hills?


Meanwhile, you're supposed to be guarding the gallery, helping your boss set up the exhibition, and ignoring the ghostly voice of your predecessor... Let's hope you don't end up like him before your shift is up.

Insert accusation here


The console ports have gone fantastically well which means we're super close to unveiling the full trailer and announcing the launch date so watch this space. In the meantime, if you like what you see, please wishlist Murderous Muses on Steam!

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