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Over the past year we have made a lot of progress on Beyond the Darkness. Our demo reel video will show a lot of features we have been working on. Not everything has been shown in the video as we want to keep it spoiler free and we also didn't want to make the video too long. A year ago we posted an "April 2015" update video which we were really proud of. This video is similar but there is so much improvement we made - and still making.

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[Click here to watch our demo reel video]

So, after a year of work we have made so much progress. There is so much we want to show everyone, so much to talk about. It happens a lot of times where we are very proud of something we have made, but only after sometime we know we can do better. We then invest a lot of our time in improving everything we have been working on, step by step.

We are getting extremely close to finishing the first level. Yes, the first level. In the past year we have kept working on the basis of Beyond the Darkness. We want it to be solid and clean. There's still quite a lot of work to do but we hope to soon leave this level behind us so we can work on the next levels. Progress will be a lot faster, soon.

At the moment we are still working hard on improving the lighting and some minor errors but we are getting there. We cannot wait to show you what we're working on next! Stay tuned on our YouTube channel for all the progress.

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