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Just a little bit more information about whats going on,plans for the future of production and adjustments to deadlines and such.

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Hey again everyone,

I thought I should drop by and update you all again aswell as make adjustments to deadlines and such, that way I can keep everyone up to date and also plan ahead, being organized has never been something I have been good at unfortuantely but I am getting there.

I think I`m going to go ahead and start with the most important updates first, such as the information regarding normal maps and low polygon models at the moment.Its going well,slow but good, I just want to say I am glad there are some people that support me taking my time, because it means that I allow myself abit of time to enjoy myself,but I do have to make progress at some point in time,so I prefere it to be sooner rather than later.

I am slowly getting the hang of transfering High detail in normal maps, over to low polygon models,and its fun.Especially seeing the details on the low poly models and thinking how good they look,I recently did one of the other Head units as a quick test and it came out really well, the only problem I had was the textures where low resolution so it looked abit crappy, but thats easily sorted.

As for the entire production as a whole, I have rethought my approach to it, and I think I have made it slightly easier. What I intend to do is make one complete AC using easy to make parts, then from there do a weapon set for that AC, then get that AC perfect, by perfect I mean do all the UVW Unwrapping, textures and details so that its basically a finished product, then from there once its completely done I want to try and animate it and get it ingame, I am trying it this way instead of doing it piece by piece until I have many complete AC`s as it means things will be done quicker and I can focus my efforts and getting round to testing more gameplay stuff.

After that AC is totally done, I plan to do the rest of the parts slowly and perfect their builds too, that way I am essentially building apon stuff I already have ingame.

In other news, Dev has been slowed down by the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2, as I have gotten slightly addicted to it online, and its damn fun to play so I have hardly got any work done since its release.That and on the 18th when my original deadline was supposed to end, I have personal stuff to attend to for that day and the following days so I probably wont get much done then either.

Rest assured though things will pick up after the sort gaming spell, finally Im abit gutted today as I found an original copy of the Armored Core 1 concept art book on ebay the other day, and I had all but gotten ready to snipe it for a nice cheap price after staying up all night to get it, when I suddenly passed out at the keyboard and missed the damn chance to snipe it by 40 mins, so I am not happy about that, as its about as rare as AC1 is for the original playstation, that took me 7 years to get a copy at a local gameshop.

Oh well, till next time, Oh and be sure to look out for more matinee tests soon featuring new content.


Grindpantera - - 264 comments

Set the deadline to whatever you like, we understand and we're, or most of us, are pretty patient.

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Gnostic - - 447 comments

Ready to wait for quality

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Pwoshi - - 16 comments

Take your time, you don't have to put your life into this mod.

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